Marque Bio Rhône-Alpes : A brand to promote Rhône-Alpes’s businesses


A brand to promote Rhône-Alpes’s businesses

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As part of its marketing axis Organics Cluster has developed an “identifier” to enhance the corporate commitments to sustainable development beyond the specifications organic farming. Indeed, Rhône-Alpes region is rich in innovative companies. With Organics Cluster, 15 players in the “bio” sector have come together around a collective approach to progress, to promote the quality of their offering. This “indicator”, like a label, just inform the consumer about the commitment of the company to sustainable development. Member companies in this bio charter Rhône-Alpes continue 5 commitments:

1. Development of the production and marketing of organic products,

2. Anchoring and territorial participation in the economic development of the Rhône-Alpes region

3. Provision of regional raw materials except technical or natural constraints

4. Consideration of the environment in the process of production and marketing in addition to the commitments of organic farming,

5. Contribution to collective communication on excellence and the position of the leading French Rhône-Alpes region in organic farming.

These commitments are controlled by the certifiers Ecocert and Qualité France Collective actions are in place to publicize this ID :

– Collective animations store

– 4500 fans on our facebook page

– Advertising in stores

– Professional meetings

– E-mailing professionals

Discover the actions and companies signed the charter bio Rhône-Alpes on :

La Vie Claire Meylan, partenaire de la Charte… par Organics-Cluster

Find photos of the professional day of September 15, which brought together companies and distributors in the Grenoble area .. Discovering organic products from Rhône-Alpes.

Abonnez-vous au tableau Charte bio Rhône-Alpes de Organics sur Pinterest.

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