Organics cosmetics and wellbeing group of Rhône-Alpes


Organic cosmetics wellbeing group of Rhône-Alpes.
The success of organic cosmetics is recent and respond to new consumer expectations. Thus, there is a range of cosmetics that has grown in response to the needs of increasing numbers and distribution which extended in line with that request. The democratization of organic cosmetics is in place and we are now very far from the beginnings niche market. We note since the 2000s annual increases of the order of 30-40%. In this democratization, some strong brands of conventional and supermarkets were able to catch market opportunities and responding in part to consumer expectations. However, there are a multitude of companies in our region that have developed brands ‘Bio’ and wish to assert their differentiation, the effectiveness of their formulation and the quality of their product.
The Rhône Alpes is a cradle of organic cosmetics and wish enhance it.

Participating companies :
• KarJournee-Presse-Mybeautifulrp-27mars_1940 -webethic
• Douceur Cerise
• Annecy Cosmetics
• The Drôme Provençale
• Daliane
• Argandia
• Laboratoire des Sources / Anne Felker
• Tisane le Dauphin
• Les tendances d’Emma
• Namaki
• Doux Good

Today these brands come together through Organics Cluster for :
• press relations with Mybeautifull PR agency (over 500 individuals items for the year 2014)
• Organize region Rhône-Alpes meeting for professional specifiers and journalists
• Participate in the professional fair under the common banner.


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