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Merchandising Training : Boost your organic produce shelves!

Merchandising Training: Boost your organic produce shelves!

Optimize the presentation of the shelves to trigger more purchases!

rayon bioAt the point of sale, how to help the customer to take the final meter and choose the right product that meets their needs?

This moment of truth is conditioned to the presentation of the available supply.

Learn how to develop the attractiveness of rays in one day mixing merchandising rules and learning workshop on one of your problems.

Objectives :
  • Understanding the purchase trigger factors
  • Master the basic rules of merchandising
  • Decode indicators
  • Able to adapt to the characteristics of the store
  • Able to adapt according to product categories
Public :
  • Distributors: Store Manager / Department manager
  • Businesses Suppliers : Direction, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager

Course in 2 phases:

  • Discovery and practice, in the form of illustrations and exercises, basic rules of merchandising
  • Practical case Workshop on concrete examples from the trainees, using photographs, observation games, assimilation exercises, reflection on examples
Profile of formative :

isabelle DewitteIsabelle Dewitte is expert partner of Binôme Marketing issues related to the marketing of products distribution.

For over 20 years she has worked in the food industry functions relating to the development of performance point of sale, particularly in merchandising and group approach.

Rehearsed pedagogical approaches, she has also worked in a vocational training institute.

Training cost : 300 euros HT – possibility to support your training organization

Duration: 7:00

Location : Bat Ineed “Rovaltain” Valence

Training reserved for members of Organics Cluster / To join click here

Contact / information : Adrien PETIT /

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